Adidas Glitch Football Boots: It’s Revolutionary, It’s Smart, It’s Stunning

In its purest form, it’s perhaps easy to notice that soccer is almost like mobile phone technology. Apart from bringing in new experiences both on and off the field, soccer is a sport that is driven by major technological revolutions especially when it comes to its products. And just like the revolutionary smartphones, a new product by the name Adidas Glitch is literally changing not only football boots, but also the way soccer players and fans alike think about showcasing their personal styles.

 Breaking Clear of a Tight Race

In the last few years, Adidas and Nike have been in a neck-to-neck race in releasing some of the best soccer boots that the world has ever seen. You can check rating at But with the Adidas soccer cleats, the German brand broke clear of this tight dual race to indeed confirm their tongue-in-cheek slogan: “creators never follow”. In essence, Adidas surprised everyone including Nike with this lace-less concept that no one saw coming!

 What Does it Entail?

To put it into context, Adidas Glitch football boots is part of the larger Adidas soccer cleats; a lace-less concept that is surely challenging every little thing that we know about soccer boots. It is a segmental football boot that comes with an inner shoe and changeable skin. In simpler terms, Adidas Glitch has two parts that the wearer can modify to his/her liking. There is the upper outer material, as well as inner sock lining. To wear the boots you will definitely need both the two parts, which include the outer boot casing and the internal base of the shoe.

 Disruptive Innovation

With the Glitch technology, Adidas has sensationally treaded along a disruptive innovation line that nobody would ever imagine. It is a wild, reflective and edgy concept that brings world football a two-piece interchangeable product that gives players and clients across the globe endless possibilities and creativity.

The Outcome

Adidas Glitch is a product that ratifies the fact that there is a lot more to come as far as Adidas soccer cleats is concerned. Additionally, it is a design that approves the fact that the German brand is always in the forefront in laying foundations for great success in terms of how soccer is played or perceived in the fashion world. Even though Adidas Glitch was officially released to the market only a few days ago, there can be no doubt that everyone is already in love with it.

And to Adidas’ competitors, there will be no choice but to follow the lead or create a design that betters this, a fact that may not be possible in the near future. For now, it’s proper to give credit where it’s due. Glitch is different, unique, disruptive, intuitive and above all; innovative. It is a product that caps off a pretty interesting 2016 for the German brand and a big statement of positive intent as we move into 2017.

To the customers; Glitch is undoubtedly an early Christmas present that goes against all the traditional football boots that we are used to.