3 best bowling Alley in the world

The sport ‘Bowling’ falls in the category of throwing sports and is one of its major forms. In America and Canada, the term ‘bowling’ refers to ten-pin bowling, while in United Kingdom and other countries of Commonwealth, it refers to lawn bowls.

Bowling has 2 basic types:

1. Pin bowling.

Here the ball is thrown to knock over the pins at the end of the lane. In the first roll, if all the balls are knocked over, it is said to be a strike.

The surface it is played on is flat, made of wood or any other synthetic material which, for techniques, can be oiled to form different patterns.

2. Target bowling.

Here the ball is thrown to hit a specific target. It can be played on grassy, gravelled land or floor made of any synthetic material

Today bowling is played in more than 90 countries of the world by over 100 million people, 70 million of which fall in the United States.

There are various elements to consider when planning to go for bowling. One of these things to consider, is to have the right bowling shoes. To some separate shoes for bowling, seem unimportant and useless, but it actually is of great importance. Just imagine how it will feel, if your shoe gets stuck on the floor or slips off while you are running on the approach to the foul line with your ball. In this article there is a list of some of the top bowling shoes this year. You will either fall face down on the hard polished floor or will slide all the way to the pins. Along with it being too embarrassing, it will be too painful as well. You will get injured just because you were careless and wore the wrong type of shoes.

The second thing, is to choose the right bowling alley. The quality and maintenance of the bowling section is of great importance. Damaged floor for bowling will not only minimize your game quality but can be hazardous.

There are various outstanding bowling alleys throughout the world. Out of all these, 3 best bowling alleys in the world are:

1. The highest ranking bowling alley is ‘The White House Bowling Alley’ in Washington DC. It is built in the underground workplace area. It is below the driveway that runs to North Portico. It was built in 1969, by President and Mrs Nixon, who were avid bowlers. It is a one lane alley.

2. The second highest ranking bowling alley is ‘Bloomsbury bowling‘ in the heart of London. It has 8 high quality bowling lanes. These lanes can be seen online and be booked by people for parties. Also diner booths are available. It has a classy, comfortable and relaxing interior for the bowlers.

3. The third highest ranking bowling alley is ‘The Kingpin Suite’ in Las Vegas. It is situated in the infamous Palm hotel in there. The Kingpin suite has two regulation sized bowling lanes. Its scoring system is automatic. Also, bowling shoes and balls are provided. It is a complete package.

These were the top three bowling alleys in the world. But there are several other alleys all over the world.

How to Plan Your Trip to Thailand

The idea of planning a trip to Thailand can usually be challenging. Thailand being a big country with 76 provinces and each province having a distinctive feature can leave an individual with a big question on where to start in planning for the trip.In order to have an effective plan for your trip, you have to consider a couple of things that will become useful during the trip to Thailand.

The most important aspect that you will have to consider is the amount of money the trip will cost.This will help you in to determine what type of services or products that you will comfortably be able to afford.This can help avoid overspending that may lead to you being stranded in a foreign country.

Considering the air fare is also important.Depending on your location on the globe you have to know which ticket to book and to which destination.In this case, you have to book a ticket to Bangkok.You can also choose to split tickets between carries and this could save you a lot of dollars.

On deciding what is the best time to travel you have to do a little research on the weather. Thailand is generally dry between the months of November and April making this period convenient for travel.The low season months are the best to travel because negotiating of activities and accommodation is easier.You can also decide to go during big festivals so that you do not miss out on such exciting cultural events.

The list of what to pack is usually a challenge.It is good to pack less clothes and be flexible to buy an outfit or two when you are on the ground.In Thailand with the faily steady weather, casual dressing is favorable.Packing too much can be a burdern and this should be avoided.

You cannot plan a trip to Thailand without knowing what places you will go.There are many beautiful places in the region starting from the Thai islands, Thailand`s northern capital Chiang Mai, the best rock climbing area Railay,the rich cultural town of Ayutthaya among many other beautiful places that you cannot miss to visit.

When it comes to money in Thailand breaking large can be a problem.It is advisable to use your Mastercard and Visa because they are accepted in malls and some hotels although there is an additional charge.

On the ground, you can decide to use organized tours or you can plan your own personal transportations and activities that you want to be carried out.

Puma women launches new Swan Pack collection

Puma officially launched their women’s Swan Pack Collection to serve up the market with elegance and drama with gloss finish and perfect thick laces that create excellent bow. Puma women merged with New York City Ballet to unveil the new Swan Pack Collection that comprise of Puma footwear and Training styles stimulated by stability and grace of ballets.

The collection of Women Puma Swan Pack includes Pulse Ignite XT, Fierce strap swan, Blaze of Glory sock swan and basket heart. The models displaying the collection are dressed in feather like swan with bow details supposed to carry out the theme of the collection. Over and above the footwear, there is a selection kit that comprise of Explosive bodysuit for the Swan Cape.

The free will of self-expression and the stability and grace of the ballet are the motivation for the Swan Pack Collection. The Swan Pack Collection brings a combination of severe Sportstyle and Training Skills from Puma including Swan-Inspired details that comprise of the black and white colour palette as well as gleaming material with feather prints.

The launch of Swan Pack Collection by Puma facilitates the women with fashion-forwad presentation and provides the market with sportstyle outfit stimulated by the sport. Within the Swan Pack collection, Puma launched the latest Puma Fierce Strap Swan, Puma Basket Heart and B.O.G Sock Swan. The Puma Fierce Strap Swam is designed to add some outlook to the collection and is provided in a collection of colors that include black and white with swan-inspired details. The Puma Basket Heart is designed with a modern chic outlook that displays elegance and
drama. The B.O.G sock swan features a structure with superimpose leather and inner sock liner creating a calm feeling all the way to the ankle. Puma Swan Pack Collection provides the market with the best outfit that fits perfectly for the sport and will enable the ballet sports women perform to their best capabilities.